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Providing Opportunities

Dartrice and her mother have been connected to Life Navigators for many years and have benefited from our Family Support Program.  Today, Dartrice participates in Life Navigators Self-Advocacy & Independence Program and attends our community outings.  Read more about Dartrice’s story and how your gift can directly impact kids and adults with disabilities.

Fill the Need

All it takes is a $10 Target gift card purchase to fill an immediate need for Mike and many others. Last year Mike was in desperate need of warm winter clothes, and his Life Navigators program coordinator was able to go out and purchase these items with our emergency need Target gift cards. Read more about Mike’s story and learn how your $10 Target gift card donations help kids and adults with disabilities stay healthy all year long.

Paul's Jewelers

We are excited to be partnering with Paul’s Jewelers for their Twelve Days of Christmas Sale Event!  Proceeds from purchases made from November 30-December 21 will benefit Life Navigators and kids and adults with disabilities.  Each day from December 1-15, Paul’s Jewelers will also be raffling a unique piece of jewelry.  Simply stop in their store anytime that day to be entered to win the item raffled off that evening.  Click here to view a list of their lovely raffle items.  Also join us for a special night at Paul’s Jewelers dedicated to Life Navigators.