Trust Presentations

Learn more about the Trust Program

Are you interested in hosting or attending a presentation about the Life Navigators Trust Program?  Contact the Life Navigators Trust Program Manager at 414-774-6255 for more information.

A Trust presentation can be helpful to a variety of groups:

  •  Educators
  •  Families of Individuals with Disabilities
  •  Financial Planners
  •  Estate Planners
  •  Attorneys
  •  Nonprofit agencies
  •  Community Groups

What is a Trust?
Trust I – Community Trust (Third Party Trust)
Trust II – Pooled Trust (Funded Entirely with Beneficiary’s Assets)
Trust III – Pooled Trust (Funded Entirely with Beneficiary’s Assets)
                *for Age 65 and Over
Trust Handbook
Trust Fees
Request for Disbursement
Attorney Instructions and Checklist
Heirs at Law Form
Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interested in receiving a hard copy of our Trust Handbook?  Do you have questions regarding our Life Navigators Trust Program or fees?  Please contact us at 414-774-6255 or